Make a prospect a more informed buyer with content! 
-Robert Simon


Decide the effect you want to produce in your reader – Robert Collier

Do you want your reader to buy your product as he reads about it? Do you want your reader to engage with your post? At Scribexy we create curated options for businesses operating at different levels of expertise. Whether you are an E-commerce looking to generate revenue from content or a start-up looking to generate awareness from content we have a solution for different business needs. Find cost effective solutions to scale your marketing strategy.


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Copywriting makes your product simple, memorable, fun to look at and foremost readable. Get your web copy written by experts who know how to sell words.

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Write a story. Create a list. Highlight your selling point or just tell people about your product. Get content written for the web whether it is a blog, article or a release.

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Does your content flow with your business strategy? Have you created your Facebook marketing stratey to reflect your business purpose? Get insight on how your content can help enhance the purpose of your business.

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Newsletters, press releases, e-books are freebies that can connect you to your customers on a personal level. Visual content like videos give an insight int the philosophy behind your business ethics and your story. Get this and more…

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Inhouse Projects

We love writing so we are working on in-house projects that will bring together knowledge and facts in a laguage that is easy to understand. The focus of these projects is to bring technical knowledge to regular people.

Get your does of personal finance news here. Read about business stories and financial business perspectives.

A beta launch of tax related knowledge and news.

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